PLEASE NOTE: This is a speculation article. Nothing has been confirmed by Zenimax for certain. So please keep that in mind when reading this article. recently released a youtube video in which they discussed Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone that we have had hints about in The Elder Scrolls Online. This information was leaked from a forum post which was addressed to internal beta testers and many sites have begun the speculating about what these Adventure Zones actually contain! According to Zenimax, Adventure Zones have been advertised as ESO’s equivalent of raids. They are large PvE group content, but differ from traditional raids. The developers have specifically said adventure zones will not include bosses that are 100 foot high, with a large group of players hacking at its ankles to take it down (aka the World of Warcraft model). Adventure Zones are said to be more dynamic, but almost no information has been revealed about them yet. Zenimax has said they will be releasing more “official” information in March! had no actual video game play footage of Craglorn, but what we now know about Craglorn is that it’s a big zone, roughly 2/3 the size of your average normal questing zone and if you have played the beta and went through some of the zones in the game, say Stonefields for example, you know how large these zones really are! It’s an outdoor area with multiple public dungeons, wayshrines, landmarks and other objectives. It essence, it looks like a normal zone but will likely always require a group or at least a minimum Veteran Level to effectively play in this zone. It has been said that the Adventure Zones will increase the Veteran Level cap past 10 so one would assume that you would need at least a level 10 Veteran Rank to participate. Again this is just a speculation on my part.


Craglorn – The First Adventure Zone in The Elder Scrolls Online

Since Adventure Zones are going to be scaled towards big groups, the mob groups you’ll encounter will simply have many more enemies in them than they normally would. Zenimax did say they wanted fights to be more of a group type fight then the “many against one” type of fights.

Below is a list of the dungeons and dungeon types that have been data mined from the current PTS game files. This is all subject to change, but given some of the names, this list makes me very excited! Several of the names are particularly “Dwemer” in origin and I LOVE the Dwemer!

Dungeon Dungeon Type
Rahni’Za, School of Blades Dungeon
Buried Sands Explorable Dungeon
Crypt of Tarish-Zi Explorable Dungeon
Hero’s End Explorable Dungeon
Mtharnaz Explorable Dungeon
Rkhardahrk Explorable Dungeon
Rkundzelft Explorable Dungeon
Ruins of Kardala Explorable Dungeon
Thalia’s Retreat Explorable Dungeon

It would be logical to assume that Adventure Zone dungeons are going to be tuned towards large group sizes. This does concern me a little however due to the current list of “explorable” dungeons. These, to me, scream “Open Dungeon” and not “Instanced”. If this is so, this will be very disappointing because any “hard” content could just be zerged down instead of having to adhere to mechanics.

So tell us what you think!

Do you like the idea of this type of Adventure Zones? Do you feel there will be hard enough content for hardcore PvE type guilds to conquer? Do you think there will be instanced encounters in here for large groups of people? Sound off in the comments below!