Welcome back for Episode 8: The Road Ahead of Tales of Tamriel! This week, the crew goes over game news such as the AuA: Crafting, Final Beta Invites, Tamriel Chronicle Issue #49, Limited Edition Hero’s Guide, ZAM article, and ESO Road Ahead article! We go over our impressions and predictions for launch and the early months of ESO for our discussion topic. We Spotlight the ShoddyCast in our Community Spotlight and during the tales section Crabby “almost” makes in into Oblivion but then reverts back to Skyrim, Thais spends hours trying to make the perfect Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls Online but it continues to pale in comparison to Aggelos’ amazing Khajiit, and finally Aggelos decides to report his adventures in Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and ESO! We hope you enjoy this episode of Tales of Tamriel! Thank you for listening!

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