It’s that time again for Episode 6: Full of Mud-“Crabby” Goodness of Tales of Tamriel! In this episode, we have a special guest-host, Crabby, the new contributing writer for, joining us as we discuss news, beta changes, and have a lively debate on the newest PTS changes such as NPC collision and removal of mandatory starter islands. In the “Tales” section, Crabby tells us how it isn’t always wise to follow a friend after he jumps off a tower, Thais gets mushy and finds her perfect in game wedding spot for her and Aggelos, and Aggelos gets lost for hours in Cyrodiil, almost gets eaten by slaughter fish, and has an intellectual debate with a stone statue. We answer our fan feedback and shout out TESOCast in our Community Spotlight! We hope you enjoy Episode 6: Full of Mud-“Crabby” Goodness of Tales of Tamriel!

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