Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome back to Episode 19: Are You Strong Enough of Tales of Tamriel! Thank you for coming back to listen to us! This week in the news, we go over Battlemaster’s Corner – The Thunder Thief, ESO Post Collection released, Nightblade Update, PTS Opening for All, Adventurer’s Handbook Issue #2, and Patch 1.1.3.

During the discussion topic, we go over some of the complaints of the community that dungeons are too hard. Is it really true? Or are the bad players just crying to get their way? During the Tales, section Aggelos and Thais finally finish The Rift and move onto that darkest of planes of Oblivion, Cold Harbor…oh yeah and they finally hit Veteran Rank 1 and it only took them over 11 days worth of game play (270+ hours).

For the dramatic reading, Thais continues with part five of eight with the book, The House of Troubles! We check out Khajiitgamer.com in our Community Spotlight and see what those crazy kitties are cooking up over there! We also go over your iTunes reviews and emails to the show and boy did we get a lot of emails! Thank you to everyone for listening and we hope you enjoyed this episode of Tales of Tamriel!

Introduction – 0:00:00
Game News – 0:04:30
Discussion Topic “Host Rant” – 0:31:25
Tales – 0:52:20
Reading – 1:19:10
Community Spotlight – 1:22:53
Guild Spotlight – 1:26:18
Emails – 1:27:35
Closing 1:34:05

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