Welcome back one and all to Episode 18: Craglorn Awaits with hosts Aggelos and Thais and special guest Deltia of Deltia’s Gaming! We are glad you decided to come back and listen to our show as we discuss game news including, Guild Spotlight – Die Erben Von Hircine, Dan Bull’s Alliance Anthems, ESO Poster Collections being released, and the elephant in the room…Cralorn! We also discuss PvP and how we feel it could be improved in The Elder Scrolls Online in our discussion topic.

During our Tales section we hear Tales from the “PvP Meathead” himself, Deltia! Meanwhile, Aggelos and Thais continue their track across The Rift encountering ancient spirits, drauger, Dragon Priests, and more Worms then at a Bait and Tackle shop! During the dramatic reading, Thais continues with the fourth part of our eight part series, The Dreamstride.

Finally, Deltia tells us about his blog http://deltiasgaming.com. Be sure to go check it out! Also, we go over our guild spotlight and let everyone know that on Saturday May 31st at 6:00 PM EST Tales of Tamriel will be hosting another guild PvP event in Cyrodiil as well as we poll our listeners on what they would be interested in doing for our next guild PvE event! Be sure to sound off in the comments of this post below letting us know!

Once again, we thank you for listening to us and we hope you enjoy this episode of Tales of Tamriel!

Introduction – 0:00:00
Game News – 0:03:00
Discussion Topic – 0:54:30
Tales – 1:41:15
Reading – 2:13:40
Community Spotlight – 2:17:10
Guild Spotlight – 2:22:33
Emails – 2:24:56
Closing 2:29:30

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