Welcome back to Episode 14: Moving Forward of Tales of Tamriel! We have an exciting show this week! We go over game news including Patch 1.05 notes, hot fixes on 4/22 and 4.25, The View From Craglorn, Creating ESO: Trials, and Limited Edition Lithograph of Molag Bal. During our discussion topic, we go over the quite impressive Patch 1.1 patch notes that are currently Live on the PTS!

This weeks Tales section we had a lot of fun talking about the Tales of Tamriel PvP Night that took place on Saturday April 26th. Aggelos and Thais also regale the listeners with tales of fetid swamps, Mnemic eggs, and a slightly crazy Kothringi who doesn’t find you attractive enough to be his royal consort.

Thais also finishes up the last of our four part series of readings in honor of the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online with House Tharn of the Nibenay, A History of the Tharn family and descriptions of its modern members.

We spotlight The Imperial Library (www.imperial-library.info) in our community spotlight, as well as a small guild update. We also read our 5 Star iTunes reviews and emails to the show! Finally, Crabby has offered to give away a 60 Day Game Time Card for The Elder Scrolls Online! Listen in to hear the details! Thank you for joining us for another amazing episode of Tales of Tamriel!

Introduction – 0:00:00
Game News – 0:03:50
Discussion Topic – 1:03:33
Tales – 1:50:46
Reading – 2:36:51
Community Spotlight – 2:44:46
Guild Spotlight – 2:46:17
Emails – 2:52:14
Closing 2:55:00

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