It is that time again! Time for Episode 13: Hold Thy Judgement of Tales of Tamriel! This week Aggelos is joined by Thais, Craver of Nirnroot, and Crabby, Team Edward member, as they go over the Azura Statue Now for Sale, Bugs with banks, AuA: Craglorn, Patch notes 1.03 and 1.04, Upcoming Community Programs from Zenimax, as well as the New Craglorn Website!

During the discussion, Aggelos gets heated over bad reviewers who throw personal opinion and bias into review articles and hopes they get eaten by Dreugh! The crew go over their thoughts for the game and urge the potential consumers to try it for themselves before listening to negative reviews that present personal bias and opinions as facts.

During the Tales section, Crabby tells of how he became part of Team Edward and how much he loves bad actresses. Meanwhile, Aggelos and Thais tell of their adventures of stopping the Llodoes plague in Deshaan and moving onto Shadowfen! Finally they tell of their PvP adventures in Cyrodiil and how Aggelos is tired of being called “Prince Charles” by his Euro friends so he sends forth a call for everyone to come PvP with him on Saturday April 26th at 6:00 PM EDT. Time to knock off a few pretenders to the throne and move ever closer to Emperor!

Finally, Thais reads Travails and Triumphs of a Monarch for our Dramatic reading, We shout out the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages ( in our Community Spotlight and go over fan emails! Thank you for joining us for Episode 13: Hold Thy Judgement of Tales of Tamriel!

Introduction – 0:00:00
Game News – 0:02:57
Discussion Topic – 1:11:05
Tales – 2:04:10
Reading – 2:49:38
Community Spotlight – 3:01:50
Guild Spotlight – 3:03:27
Emails – 3:07:25
Closing 3:27:03

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