Welcome back to the 12th episode of Tales of Tamriel. In Episode 12: Just The Two Of Us, Thais and Aggelos go over the game news including a real life marriage proposal using an Amulet of Mara, Patch Notes 1.02, Chat Log issues, and more!

During the discussion topic, Aggelos and Thais discuss the video about Craglorn. They go over what they think the video represented as well as what they hope (as raiders) Craglorn will present in ways of Challenges in raid encounters, ways to handle debuffs/buffs, repeatable daily quests, and more!

If you would like to contact us in game to join our friends/family guild for Tales of Tamriel, you can message @Aggelos or @TearEater for an invite. We thank you for listening to Episode 12: Just The Two Of Us of our podcast and welcome any feedback/comments/criticism on our website www.TalesOfTamriel.com

In response to some of our listeners, who were concerned about the length of our episodes, I will be adding this list at the end of every episode going forward so you can jump between topics using these timestamps,┬ásince it doesn’t seem possible for us to do short episodes nor do we want to artificially shorten our episodes just to meet a timeline. I hope this helps some of our listeners who requested something to assist them in making it through our episodes! Thank you for your continued support and all the great compliments we get! It means the world to us!

Introduction – 0:00:00
Game News – 0:02:35
Discussion Topic – 0:23:30
Tales – 1:11:53
Reading – 2:02:13
Community Spotlight – 2:09:55
Guild Spotlight – 2:13:54
Emails – 2:20:18
Closing 2:28:10

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