With this addon spotlight I wanted to highlight multiple addons that display information in non-annoying way. It might add a tiny bit of clutter but it’s information that is nice to look up and say “Ok thats how much XP I need”. These addons are more for people who want information displayed but not to have numbers and stuff plastered all over the place. For an MMO player or an Elder Scrolls fan who wants a bit more information on screen then these addons will be for you!


Combat Indicator


This addon is one of my favorite that has come up recently. Imagine you are running around in first person, or sometimes even third person, and you accidentally pull a bunch of aggressive NPC’s and you have no idea you did! Then you decide to stop and look at your map or inventory and bam your dead or stunned. Well this addon is an amazingly subtle addon that will change the color of the compass outline to go red when you are in combat and then back to normal when you are not in combat.

This is an extremely useful yet very subtle way of displaying if you are in combat or not. I can not recommend this addon enough for people who want to when they are in combat. As of right now this addon was recently published and I have yet to have a single error or issue with it at all, for a first release it is extremely stable.


Slightly Improved Attribute Bars


I was fairly surprised to notice in the default user interface for the game that I was able to turn on my action bar all the time but not my attribute bars. This is a fantastic addon for people who love the default attribute bars and want to adjust them. This addon does a few things other than just allowing to be on screen all the time. The first thing it does is well it lets you turn the transparency up and down and have it on screen all the time, very useful for people who don’t like it when they fade away. The next thing this addon does is it allows you to choose if you want to have text or percentages over your bars, personally I have percentages on and values off because I like less numbers. Another very awesome feature of this addon is it allows you to squish the bars together so there isn’t three inches of space between your Magicka, Health and Stamina. I find this very useful when you are adjusting your UI size and things become far to spread out.

The last feature of this addon is you can choose to put the enemy health bar in one of two place. You can leave it in the default place under the compass or you can have it moved just above your own attribute bars. Personally I leave my enemy health bar under the compass because I am already used to looking up there for the health, some day I may move it above my bars. This entire attribute bar addon is excellent for people who want the default bars and want to adjust them slightly!


Slightly Improved Experience Bar


In a way for Zenimax to improve immersion they made it so your experience bar will fade in and out depending on when you gain experience or if you are in a menu. Unfortunately there is no in-game setting to have it always on, well have no fear addons are here!…

The first feature of this little addon is you can adjust the transparency of the experience bar. Have it on all the time or maybe at 50% transparency all the time. You can adjust how much of it you can see and have it on screen all the time. While leveling up in any game I always want to know my progression of the next level up. The other option of this addon is to be able to turn on percentages and values, you can have either values or percentages on or even both at the same time! For my UI setup I have both information values on.

In conclusion, for someone who may want a bit more information on the screen yet not incredibly cluttered then this set of addons is most likely for you. I am really excited to see what the author of the Slightly Improved addons has in store for us next!