On this Addon Spotlight: Let’s Get Social, I want to focus on the addons that help improve the social aspects of Elder Scrolls Online. These are my recommendations for anyone who is looking to improve their social experience in game! There are certain aspects of the games social features that could use some much needed love, such as the chat window, guild alerts and even those pesky gold spammers in chat, luckily there is a good selection of addons to remedy a lot of these issues.



pChat is perhaps one of the best (possibly only) addon to help enhance your chat experience. This addon has a host of awesome features to make chat a lot more tolerable to read.

  • Timestamps – Allows you to enable timestamps next to each chat message
  • Guild Tags – You can set a guild tag when a guild member speaks, for example instead of seeing @crabby I have it set to @crabby
  • Chat Colors – Fairly self explanatory, allows you to adjust chat colors for the person speaking as well as the message sent.
  • Removed Redundant Information – “says” and “zone” for example have been removed, unfortunately there is no option to turn these back on if you want them.
  • Prevent Chat Text From Fading – Awesome for people who hate it when their chat text vanishes.
  • Ability to turn off rainbow text – If your annoyed by peoples colorful text you can turn that off here!

All in all if you want the most customizable chat addon then this is what you want, it has so many awesome features and apparently has more planned!

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This is a very nifty addon for people who really hate those pesky gold spammers. This addon will scan ESO’s in game chat to find gold spammers and automatically set them on your ignore list. The best part of this is it will automatically white list the people on your friends list so they will not get ignored. The only draw back I can see is if your ignore list gets full, which in reality will probably happen with the amount of gold spamming on any MMO’s release.

  • Uses custom filters to detect spammers
  • Very customizable
  • Can set custom filters

If gold spammers really bother you that bad and you do not want to turn off the chats in game then this addon is a welcome addition. Make sure to report those spammers as well! Get rid of them permanently!

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Thurisaz Guild Info


This is..you know I know I may have said it in the past, but this addon should not even be necessary. I mean really everything this addon adds is literally in every single other MMO. With that being said THIS ADDON IS NECESSARY! I can’t say it enough how much I love this addon. It was quit a shock to me to realize that Elder Scrolls Online does not have the ability to show you when guild members sign on or even show their character name! Well Thurisaz Guild Info remedies these issues. I literally can not play without this, I love seeing my guild members come online and saying hello and interacting. It also shows when someone joins the guild as well in case you miss the notice in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Character Names next to Account Names in Guild Roster – I personally don’t use this part because I know people by account names now.
  • Time since Logoff in GuildRoster – This is a good feature for guilds who like to know who is never online.
  • Chat and/or Display Notifications – Every time someone logs on/off or levels up or joins/leaves the guild in your chat or in a notification window!

This is just great, anyone who is in a guild should really consider getting this addon. It’s worth it for the fact alone that you can see when people log on/off in my opinion. It’s really customizable as well, you can set notification to be displayed for each guild you are in as well. Don’t want to see people logging in on Guild 2 but want to in Guild 3? Then you can set it up that way!

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These three addons are very helpful in improving your social experience in game, I really can’t recommend these enough to anyone who cares about social features. Have fun making friends everyone!