Episode 25: The Future Is Looking Bright!

Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Episode 25: The Future Is Looking Bright! Join Aggelos along with guest hosts Deltia of Deltiasgaming.com and Arkhaniir from Arkhaniirsquest.com as they go over game news including PTS API Patch Notes, A Guar of your own, Preview of guild crests and ESO’s arrival on Steam!

The big news for […]


Dual Wield Skills and their Morphs

Good day all. Just thought I would share with the world (or the 3 people that may be interested) my thoughts on the Dual Wield Skill Line. Now, I am no hardcore endgamer, so I make no promise these are the absolute min/max choices for end game, but for your general play, following the […]

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Episode 24: VR Dungeon Fun

Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Episode 24: VR Dungeon Fun of Tales of Tamriel! Join Aggelos and Thais this week as we delve into game news including Patch 1.2.5 Notes, Battlemaster’s Corner – The Blood Rogue, The Road Ahead – July 8, Guild Spotlight – Donnerkeil, Update 3 Preview Video, PTS Patch 1.3.0 […]


Episode 23: Needs Less Echo

DISCLAIMER: I wanted to apologize at the start. About half way through the episode, my (Aggelos) microphone decided to die. I had to switch to my backup microphone mid-episode but it has a terrible echo because we had little to no time to properly setup the microphone and keep the recording going. Whenever Thais […]


Episode 22: For Great Justice

We are back from our mini vacation last week with Episode 22: For Great Justice! Join Aggelos and Thais as they are joined by our friend and returning guest host Deltia of Deltia’s Gaming (www.deltiasgaming.com) as they discuss games news including ESO shot glasses, Patch Notes 1.1.5, Patch Notes 1.2.3, Ask Us Anything: Variety […]


Episode 21: To Kill A Prince

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Episode 21: To Kill A Prince! This week on the show, we cover game news including, ESO Heads to E3, Patch 1.1.4 Notes, Battlemaster’s Corner – Dragonknight Healer, Guild Spotlight – The Old Timers Guild, and The Adventurer’s Handbook Issue #3.

During the “Host Rant”, you get to hear […]


Episode 20: The Colored Rooms

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome back to Episode 20: The Colored Rooms of Tales of Tamriel! This week we announce the winner of our giveaway of Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition. We also go over game news including, PTS Patch 1.2.0, Video – Veteran Crypts of Hearts, Gaming Heads presents new ESO statue, […]


Episode 19: Are You Strong Enough?

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome back to Episode 19: Are You Strong Enough of Tales of Tamriel! Thank you for coming back to listen to us! This week in the news, we go over Battlemaster’s Corner – The Thunder Thief, ESO Post Collection released, Nightblade Update, PTS Opening for All, Adventurer’s Handbook Issue […]


Episode 18: Craglorn Awaits

Welcome back one and all to Episode 18: Craglorn Awaits with hosts Aggelos and Thais and special guest Deltia of Deltia’s Gaming! We are glad you decided to come back and listen to our show as we discuss game news including, Guild Spotlight – Die Erben Von Hircine, Dan Bull’s Alliance Anthems, ESO Poster […]


Episode 17: Traversing The Rift

Welcome back to Episode 17: Traversing the Rift! This week we have a lot of news to go over including PTS Craglorn Livestreams, Featured Add-on – Wykkyd’s Framework, Forging The Mace of Molag Bal, Finding A Group video released by Zenimax, Patch Notes 1.08, Battlemaster’s Corner – Resto Warrior, and Ask Us Anything: Variety […]